Update July 29, 2021:  Santa Ana is requiring masks inside the shop, bathrooms or bar and grill, unless seated and eating or drinking.  Thank you!

Welcome to the 2021 season of Santa Ana Women's Golf!   We have a total of 26 tournaments between our weekend and weekday events, so there are plenty of opportunities to play golf on one of New Mexico's most beautiful courses!

It has come to the Board's attention that there are instances when our members may be playing with different understandings of Rules as they apply at Santa Ana. To correct these inconsistencies, we have decided to implement two local rules for our Association (SAWGA).  Sun Country has provided input to ensure that they meet USGA standards for Rules 15 and 16.   Please see the SAWGA Rulings as they apply to these two issues.  If you haven't already done so, I also encourage you to download the USGA Rules of Golf app on your cell phone.  In addition to the most current updates and search methods, it also has videos to help explain the rules.

I hope to see you soon!
Kathy Colley-- SAWGA President


2021 Executive Committee 
Please address any questions to ladysawga@gmail.com
  • President - Kathy Colley
  • Vice-President - Grace Cummins
  • Treasurer - Sue Chambers
  • Secretary - Deb Gorenz
  • Tournament Chair - Kathy Morrow
  • Handicap Chair - Sharon Newell
  • Weekday Tournament Chair - Sue Dewalt

    Club Championship-- Samantha Surette, Gross Champ- Kathy Janke, Net Champ

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Weekday Tournaments

March 3 (Wednesday) results
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April 21 (Wednesday) results
May 10 (Monday) results
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August 2 (Monday) results
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October 6 (Wednesday)
October 18 (Monday)

Weekend Tournaments
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May 1 & 2 Eclectic results Sat leaders results Final
June 12 -Guest Day results
July 31 results
August 21 & 22 -Club Championship results
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