Greetings SAWGA members and prospective members:
It's time to renew Santa Ana Women's Golf Association (SAWGA) memberships for 2019.   As usual, there are two membership options:  REGULAR ($45) - includes all SAWGA competitions and Sun Country GHIN handicap through Santa Ana; or ASSOCIATE ($20) - includes all SAWGA competitions with your handicap through another club.  
The 2019 Hole-in-One Club is an option available for $3.  Members of the Hole-in-One club will win the pot if, at any time during the membership year, they get a hole-in-one at Santa Ana Golf Course.  If there is more than one winner, the pot is divided equally.  The membership year (365 days) begins with the date of the first competition in March.  So you still have a little time to get in on the 2018 hole-in-one action at Santa Ana. 
Deadline for membership application - February 12, 2019
          Sun Country will deactivate all 2018 handicaps on February 13, 2019.  All 2019 membership/handicap applications received by February 12 will be activated on February 14 for a 2019 handicap. If your membership/handicap payment is received after the deadline, and you wish to receive your GHIN through Santa Ana, your handicap will be activated on the date your membership is received. 
If you know of other ladies interested in joining Santa Ana, please pass this membership information on. 

Please send application & check (payable to SAWGA) to:

Santa Ana Women’s Golf Association (SAWGA)
Jane Cotner
2626 Aloysia Ln NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

The Saturday play dates TBA

The weekday schedule TBA